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I’m diving into the waters of blogging! For my very first official blog post, I thought I’d share my humanifesto to give you a sense of who I am (although I imagine that most of you reading this already know me at some level). This is still a work in progress. Without further ado!

  1. Be kind. To everyone. That includes yourself.
  2. Be honest. See above.
  3. Life is too short to tolerate assholes. They might get to you sometimes. You can let them go.
  4. Find the people who value you and cultivate them in your life. This is your community.
  5. Not everyone will like you. That’s fine. You don’t like everyone. You aren’t supposed to. But treat everyone with respect.
  6. Value experiences over stuff. You really can’t take it with you when you go.
  7. Your mind will close/become accustomed to things. Be open to the possibility of something new/different.
  8. Find people who make you laugh. Make sure to spend time with them. Daily, if possible.
  9. Move your body in three dimensions. Swim. Dance. Swing on monkey bars.
  10. Go on adventures regularly.
  11. Flirt!
  12. Eat good food that is good for you.
  13. Go outside. Notice what is there. We are part of nature, not separate from it. Everything is connected.
  14. There is a time and a place for quality and quantity. Try to recognize when it is appropriate for what.
  15. You are perfect. Just the way you are. You are good enough.
  16. Earnestness is the antidote to cynicism.
  17. Words have power. Stories are how we make sense of the world. Pay attention to the stories you tell yourself and the ones you believe. If you don’t like the stories you are hearing, you can make new ones.
  18. Collaborate.
  19. Honor those who came before and those who have paved the way to make things easier for you. Know that this road has been trod and you aren’t alone, even if you can’t see anyone else at the moment.
  20. Let love be stronger than your fear.
  21. Celebrate all your victories.
  22. Failure is a sign you are trying something. Real failure is when you stop trying altogether.
  23. Create space: in your home, in your mind, in your life.
  24. Cultivate a mindfulness practice.
  25. Rest. A lot. More than you think you need.
  26. The speed you are going is exactly the right speed. No one yells at a flower for blooming too slowly.
  27. I look forward to hearing from you!

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