52 Photos: End of the Season

This week’s prompt was related to summer coming to an end, something I’m loathe to face, even though the evenings are coming more quickly. So I dug into the archive and came up with the bright, vivid colors that mark fall and give me light and warmth to hold on to as it gets darker and colder.

North Cascades slope:

fall colors

Frilly Japanese maple leaves:

fall frilly maple leaves

This was taken just over a year ago in Koya-san, Japan:

fall harbinger

Leaf skeletons in Kanazawa, Japan:

fall leaf skeletons

Autumn leaves, swirly fence:

autumn leaves swirly fence

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6 thoughts on “52 Photos: End of the Season

  1. glen in Louisiana

    Those leaf skeletons are incredible!!! I have never seen them STILL on the tree!! We were in the northern cascades in the spring………..rained the whole time. But we had a morning when w e drove to Devil Lake. I think that was that dam that looked like it was out of the Gatsby Era. I was so amazed by it! It was my favorite part of the trip!

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