Holiday Treat Planning

I made a list of treats I am considering making and some folks wanted the recipes after seeing the list, so I thought I’d share. Most of these I’ve made, a couple are things I want to try! I am listing in alpha order, and will note which treats/dough you can freeze, if you are planning ahead. I don’t even have a very large freezer and the freezer is my friend.

almond cookies

Pasticcini di Mandorla

These are very soft, once baked. The dough comes together very easily. Will keep in a container for several days. Also I added the wedge of chocolate on the top (from Trader Joe’s). Play around!

bakery-style butter cookies

Butter cookies

I used a cookie press to make these. For greater success, freeze your cookie sheet before pressing the cookies out!


Chocolate covered buttermint

I freeze these! They freeze great! Also freeze the buttermint before dipping.

cardamom buns

Swedish buns - vetebullar

Buns freeze great. Reheat in toaster oven. Enjoy!

chocolate crinkles

A classic. You can make the dough and make the individual balls and then freeze.

fig walnut biscotti

Fig and walnut biscotti

I would not freeze, but also biscotti is meant to be dry!

Kumquat and Chocolate Yule log

I saw this recipe and decided if I was ever going to make a yule log, it should be this one. I have never made one. Wish me luck!

Marbled tahini cookies

Marbled tahini shortbread

Can definitely freeze the log of dough, then slice and bake!

pistachio cardamom cookies

Pistachio cardamom cookies

Just like the chocolate crinkles, you can form the cookies and then freeze until you are ready to bake!



I love this recipe because there are many places you can stop and then pick up and do the next step. Make the dough, chill/freeze. Make the filling. Roll out dough and form log and then freeze. Slice and bake when ready. You can also freeze the cookies after they are baked. It’s great.


I just made marshmallows for the first time and a co-worker had mentioned getting a scotchmallow, and since I’ve successfully made caramel previously and gotten the hang of dipping in chocolate, I figured I could challenge myself. Another thing I will report back on. Also someone on the internet told me I could replace some of the water in the marshmallow recipe with BOOZE. Amaretto is probably the best option for what’s in my cupboard.

thumbprint cookies

Chocolate thumbprint

I make these about once a month I think. They never last long in my house. I often put chocolate ganache in the dip. If you do that, bake the cookie first and add the ganache after the cookies have cooled.

unfussy sugar cookies

Unfussy Sugar Cookie

I had a lot of fun playing with the colors and marbling the Royal icing on these.

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One thought on “Holiday Treat Planning

  1. ranger

    I’ve been making all sorts of the peppermint patty style candies this year. I’ve tried adding in coconut and coconut extract, coconut with almond extract, orange, lemon, and orange & lemon. Other than the peppermint, the orange has been my favorite.

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