52 Photos: Orange

This week’s prompt is orange. I was in NYC last week and saw these skulls in the window of a shop. I loved them, as well as the calaveras.

dia de los muertos skulls



A few more orange images from the archives.

Young monks on the Chao Praya in Bankgok, Thailand:


Orange fungi from the Olympic Peninsula:

orange fungi

Blue and Orange tiles in Lisbon, Portugal:

blue and orange

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10 thoughts on “52 Photos: Orange

    1. slowbloom Post author

      Thanks KariAnn! There is something about the sugar skulls and calaveras that I just love.

  1. Jeff Suwak

    Love the pic of the monks. Funny observation…I was going to ask if you know why they wear orange, and then realized I can just Google it, which then made me realize that constant access to information is something of a conversation/connection killer. It’s more fun to ask someone, yet knowing it’s obsolete, it feels foolish to do so.

    These are the thoughts of a Sunday morn.

    1. slowbloom Post author

      Actually, Jeff, that is a great question! I’m not totally sure, except there’s an association with saffron. What did your favorite internet search engine tell you? I hope you keep asking the questions, even if you can find the answers from a machine :).

    1. slowbloom Post author

      Thank you, Bella! I do enjoy participating in the challenges when I manage to get to them!

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