52 Photos: Fragrant/This Smells Heavenly

This week’s prompt revolves around scent and fragrances. There were so many ways I could have gone with this, from various dishes that make me salivate to blossoms that make me swoon. There are scents that calm me, and scents that invigorate me. There are unsavory scents, of which I will not speak further!

At the top of my list is the daphne odora. This is a small cluster of blooms that radiates the most amazing scent. I think it smells like a hand lotion. If you stick your nose in really close, it gets pungent like a jasmine or gardenia, but from a few feet back, it’s pure bliss. I love this time of year in Seattle because I walk around, hopping from bush to bush and inhaling like I’m going to run out of air.

pink blooms

A few other blooms that make me swoon:

Sarcococca confusa or sweetbox

Sarcococca confusa



Mystery Blossom in Portugal. Would love to know if any of you know. When I smelled it, I just wanted to stay where I was and keep sniffing.

divine blossom

And finally, this pair of balsam pillows. My grandmothers always had them around their houses, bringing a little bit of the outside in. Now I have my own, and my collection is growing. We love it when we catch a whiff of that dry, piney scent.

Balsam buddies

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6 thoughts on “52 Photos: Fragrant/This Smells Heavenly

    1. slowbloom Post author

      Oh yes, I think you are totally right! And ooooh, I could go smell it again? Thanks for the answers and the tip!

  1. ranger

    Lilacs are one of my favorite smells. They don’t grow here so I rarely get to smell their delightful scent these days.

  2. Jen

    Those are gorgeous blooms! I think flowers are some of my very favorite things to photograph! I’m hoping to get home this afternoon in time to get some shots of the fields of daffodils that have sprung up in places where old homesteads used to be. That’s about all we have blooming right now 😉

    I have a Photo Friday Link-Up that runs every Friday – if you’re interested, I’d love to have you join me!

    1. slowbloom Post author

      Thank you, Jen! Yes, I do love to take flower pics. They are so much more complaisant than moving beings!

      Thank you for the invite to join your link-up. I’m curious to hear more, although currently I seem to have trouble even making Bella’s once-a-week posts :).

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