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52 Photos Project: {This is what I found}

This week’s prompt was about going for a walk and sharing what you found. Here are my treasures. Would love to see what you discover in a walk in your neighborhood.

A Queen Freddie (art by Chuck Knigge)

Queen Freddie

A little birdie:

downward bird

A chalk handprint:

chalk hand

A red star:

red star

And some shattered pins:

shattered pins

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52 Photos Project: Red, White and Blue

I realize this week’s prompt was based on America’s Independence Day, July 4th, but I wanted to stretch beyond that and see what I had in my vault. Here’s what I found:

A red and white striped dahlia:
red star

A white peacock:
white peacock

Which resembles these white fireworks:
white fireworks

A blue ornament from the period around Carnivale in Venice:
blue globe

And this stunning sapphire pool at Yellowstone National Park:
Sapphire Pool

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The prompt for 52 Photos Project this week is STRIPES! Most of the images below are from my travels, but a couple are from my own city.

Pillow cover in Chiang Dao, Thailand, the city of stars:
hilltribe keychain

Swiftsure, boat on South Lake Union, Seattle

Rubber Ducky not open for visitors, Seattle
rainbow ducky

Incense Coil, Temple, Hoi An, Vietnam
incense coil

Bueno feste, Venezia, Italy
happy holiday

Licorice stripes, Venezia, Italy

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