Crockpot Co-workers

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Lindy West had a fantastic list of Ten Types of Shitty Coworkers and How to Not Murder Them.

#2 was The Nutritionist, which started off about vegans. That totally cracked me up, because I could relate, mostly from bringing vegan food to work and having other people grill me about it. But then I got to this:

…the dude who keeps a crockpot of Costco meatballs simmering at his desk at all times and shorts out your space heater and makes fun of you for eating carrots because “carrots are for pussies”…

If I had not worked in a cube farm with a man who used to cook chicken in a crockpot under his desk and stink up the whole room, I would never have believed this one. Not only that, he was gay and had a signed picture of George H.W. Bush and Babs on his cube wall. AND, he used a plug-in air freshener. He also clipped his toenails at work. Apparently this combo means I won the competition of strange and annoying co-workers. His only saving grace (for me) was that he was a couple of rows over.

I really found it all too amusing. Would love to hear about some of your quirky co-workers!

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2 thoughts on “Crockpot Co-workers

  1. Kristi

    I once had a temp job for a place that sold phone systems to other businesses. There were I think 9 women and one man in there, and the women all cursed like sailors, especially the manager. One of the women would get really really tired about 10 each morning, grab her large purse and take it into the bathroom, then come out five minutes later REALLY energetic and sniffing sniffing sniffing.

    I hated temping but a lot of those places I was thrilled not to be committed to for more than a week.

    1. slowbloom Post author

      Ha ha haa! I once temped at a place where after 1 day I called the agency and told them to find someone else. After I called, I found out I was the THIRD temp in a row to quit after one day. They really needed someone with accounting skills for that job, which I definitely did not have. I have some other temp job stories, too. Hoo boy. Another day.

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