We are Vikings!

Three years ago I spent the winter in SE Asia. I started, timid as a mouse, in Bangkok. It was not auspicious. I got bolder and left and went to Ayutthaya, to adjust to the climate and the culture and recover from the jet lag.

Ayutthaya is one of the ancient capitals of Thailand. It’s a beautiful place, and there are many ruins of old temples. The old city is surrounded by a river, so technically it’s on an island. One afternoon I took a long tail boat ride around the island:

longtail boat and driver

We stopped at several sites along the way, visiting beheaded Buddhas,

beheaded buddhas

Buddha heads,

buddha head

and admiring the jackfruit trees.


There were two Norwegian couples on the boat ride with me, one that was middle-aged and the other quite young. We all went to the night market for dinner. We sat outside, in the dark, sweating our asses off at 7:30 at night. Apparently the only food I took a picture of was this fish, which was delicious:

garlic fish

There was also morning glory vines and frog legs. And beer. Which was the point of telling this story. For those of you who know me, you know I’m not a big drinker. I mean, it takes me at least an hour to drink a pint of beer. On a good day. At the night market, they had beer – but only the 22-ounce bottles. I tried to ask if they had the 12-ounce once ones and everyone laughed at me. I recall asking the people I was eating dinner with how they could drink so much.

The young woman turned to me, lifted her bottle and cheerily said, “We are Wikings!”

We all had a good laugh.

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2 thoughts on “We are Vikings!

  1. Jackie Donnelly

    HA! I loved tihs. First of all, because I arrived in India quite timid, too (and I’ve never actually been a timid traveler, but Asia intimidated me. Also, as a very, very lightweight “Wiking” (Norwegian, ha!), as you know, I don’t drink much either. (And when I do, you have seen what happens!) 😀 The night I crashed your place? I had less than one “big” beer. So, I would NOT do my ancestors proud in that regard. LOL. I loved the photos and this post. 🙂

    1. slowbloom Post author

      Thanks so much, Jackie! I love everything about your comment. Ha! Glad you liked my story :D.

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